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The new Parov Stelar No. 1 album The Burning Spider has been released in April 2017. Many aspects of the unique Parov Stelar sound, that his worldwide fans have been able to cherish and love remain, only influences and references are newly generated once again. On his last albums especially swing references made Stelar a global superstar of a genre, now he offers new sounds with blues and jazz elements to connect the decades. More than 12,000 fans cheered and danced to celebrate the start of The Burning Spider Tour in Vienna’s sold out Stadthalle. The brand new Parov Stelar tour will take the band in 2017 and 2018 from Australia and New Zealand to the biggest European festivals and major headline shows from New York to London, Paris, and many more. The entirely redesigned experience will include songs from the new album such as Mama Talking and Cuba Libre as well as many of the Parov Stelar classics.

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