Going. | Florian Hoefner Quartet feat. Lucas Pino - 12on14 Jazz Club

Florian Hoefner Quartet feat. Lucas Pino

20:30 | Sobota, 14 października 2017
12on14 Jazz Club


63 zł

63 zł

Since their formation in New York City five years ago, the Florian Hoefner Group has been captivating fans and critics around the globe with their creativity, virtuosity, and gripping live performances. Led by pianist Florian Hoefner, the quartet combines highly inventive writing with electrifying improvisations and interplay. Florian’s award-winning compositions draw on a myriad of influences from folk to contemporary classical music, appealing to a wide span of music fans and jazz lovers alike.

After two successful album releases with over 90 live dates in 8 different countries, airplay on radio tations across the US, Canada and Europe, and reviews in major publications on both sides of the Atlantic, the band now presents its long anticipated third record, “Luminosity” (Origin Records). Described as a “starkly picturesque album [...] that makes profound statements from quiet moments” (Downbeat) and as a “total experience” (New York Jazz Record), the album introduces a new set of Hoefner’s notable originals and, for the first time, features Seamus Blake on tenor saxophone. A sneak preview of the new material at the Montréal Jazz Festival 2015 resulted in Hoefner’s capture of the Stingray Rising Star Award for his compositions. Infused with his usual diversity of styles, this new album is also inspired by the traditional music of Hoefner’s new home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Lucas Pino – saksofon tenorowy
Florian Hoefner – fortepian
Sam Anning – bas
Peter Kronreif – perkusja
Sobota, 14.10.2017, godz. 20:30

I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 70 PLN
II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 77 PLN

12on14 Jazz Clubul. Nowakowskiego 16, 00-666 Warszawa

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