Going. | Maria Baptist Trio - 12on14 Jazz Club

In her 25-year career, Maria Baptist has developed a stand-alone sound. The Berlin-New York based composer-pianist inspires her listeners over the world with her positive energy. Maria Baptist’s energetic stage presence and fascinating personality have pushed her into the forefront of the current jazz scene: she has conducted world famous orchestras such as the NDR-, hr-, or RIAS Big Band and was nominated for highly acclaimed awards like ‘ECHO Jazz’ or ‘Preis d. dt. Schallplattenkritik’.
“Her music is a gift, infused with all the creativity, power, emotion, generosity and warmth that she exudes in life.”—the master Maria Schneider captures it wonderfully.

On her new recording, Maria Baptist presents a top-class band: Drummer John Betsch is a living legend; the African-American shared the stage with Abdullah Ibrahim. John Betsch and Maria Baptist have a long history: in the 90s they played together in Paris, where she used to live. On the other hand Maria Baptist introduces Fabian Timm on bass, one of the most impressive young stars at the moment. Her saxophonist Jan von Klewitz is a truly magical innovator on his instrument, who is also a major figure of the Maria Baptist Orchestra.
The four musicians create timeless chamber jazz in a highly unique way.

Maria Baptist – fortepian Fabian Timm – kontrabas John Betsch – perkusja
Czwartek, 12.10.2017, godz. 20:30

I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 80 PLN
II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 88 PLN
12on14 Jazz Clubul. Noakowskiego 16, 00-666 Warszawa (https://goo.gl/maps/nfL2hRGQNbU2) www.12on14club.com



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