Going. | Krakow Standup Comedy presents 'The Bastardbowl' - Szpitalna 1

Krakow Standup Comedy presents 'The Bastardbowl'

20:00 | Niedziela, 8 października 2017
Szpitalna 1


15/10 zł

15/10 zł

For our first headline show of the comedy season we are proud to present 'The Bastard Bowl'; a showcase of the young guns of the stand-up comedy scene from Wroclaw (Poland) in their Three-Headed Battle Royale! A fight for comedy supremacy? No – these Bastards are battling it out for their father’s love.

Ben is a newcomer to the Wroclaw stand up scene, making his debut in early 2017. He's a story teller at heart and spends his time trying to make sense of this new land of borsch, vodka, beer and pierogi.

Herbert Przychodny, a Colombian performer based in Wroclaw, is ready to deliver you lines of Latin humor, when he is not struggling with the side effects that cabbage has on his digestive system, teaching salsa with disco polo or trying to figure out the difference between wódka and woda.

Ukrainian Sviat Marinated's comedy is soaking with important social issues: alcoholism, family, chupacabras and alternative medicine. The good thing is that he keeps them separate, the bad thing is that he keeps talking about them. Don't you just hate it?

Hosted by “Daddy” Derrek Carriveau, BASTARD BOWL promises to be the funniest sibling rivalry since Cain and Abel!

Where: Szpitalna 1
When: Sunday, October 8th
Time: 8PM
Tickets: 15zl general/10zl students

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