Going. | Jax Jones - 1500m2

Jax Jones (London / Coda Agency) supp:

Kick Perfect
Greg Roslon

You should be familar with Jax Jones - even if you don't recognise his name. The South London multi-instrumentalist introduced himself on Duke Dumont's "I Got You". His work helped the track become one of 2014's biggest anthems; it topped the iTunes chart in 13 countries and was a mainstay of that mix CD you found in your rental car when you went to Spain.

He's warmed up now - and he's putting out his own debut single. Titled "Go Deep" it features: a bit of cowbell, a chorus that is ideal for drunken lip-syncing, and an instrumental that evokes the feeling of someone rubbing suncream into your back while you sip on a pina colada and let sweat drip down your forehead.

Pobierz Going. i miej kalendarz miejski zawsze pod ręką.