Going. | TURBOCABRA v6/Swan Meat · Eterna · Mang *Multiversal Invocation* - Jasna 1

TURBOCABRA v6/Swan Meat · Eterna · Mang *Multiversal Invocation*

23:00 | Piątek, 15 czerwca 2018
Jasna 1


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We hold hands in circle with the Seer. Her eyes roll back, and with a mouth wide open in an inhuman gesture, she utters the following words mechanically, as if being channeled from above:

‘’Scarce are the bodies which do not rest dormant. Their organs are extracted and submerged in formaldehyde. All neural wiring is overridden; otherwise their long axons would collapse should they grasp hold of the overwhelming infinite. They're drifting in Oniria now, deceived by the Macrobrain; their selfish wishes to transcend their flesh are exploited.’’

The Seer's eyes roll back into place.

‘’Prophecies never [...] written... forever held wired in our shared archetypal c-o...coding. Spines tingle in unison. Atrophied muscles… can’t propel an upward gaze. An… absolute… pi… pitch black obscurity consumes all that’s organic. D...i...v...i...n...i...

DIVINITY! Unlike anything ever devised now overtakes!''

Blood flows from the Seer's mouth as her speech ceases.

Turbocabra [6[66]]
*multiversal invocation*

(◣∀◢)ψ · SWAN MEAT [PERMALNK] · (◣∀◢)ψ
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