Going. | Krakow Boat Party - Kraków Boat Party

We set sail down the beautiful Wisla river at 9:00 pm sharp every Saturday night for 2 hours with an open bar for the entire cruise, with drinking games, party guides and a full surround sound system that will have people on land jumping in the river to try and get on board.

Once back on land at we will take you to two of Krakow's most infamous late-night clubs and after parties. VIP entry, queue jump, and free welcome shots all included, We've even bought a professional photographer along for the ride to document all the shenanigans.

Tickets starting at €33. We almost forgot to tell you we have a professional magician onboard + rotating surprises like a photo booth, laser show, + much more.

Pobierz Going. i miej miejski kalendarz zawsze pod ręką.
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