Going. | Czech It Out vol. 2 // Sunday Specials - Restauracja Česká Wrocław

Czech It Out vol. 2 // Sunday Specials

19:00 | Niedziela, 22 lipca 2018
Restauracja Česká Wrocław




July 22 | Česká Restaurace | 7:00PM

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Czech It Out is a meeting from the new series of irregular or one time events dedicated for Sunday Specials. Join a tour through various Czech restaurants and pubs to discover the flavours of traditional cuisine, learn language basics from native speakers and share stories from journeys to the neighbouring Bohemian state

This time we start in Česká Restaurace to try some good beer and later on move for dinner to Benard

See you!

Mateusz Worot
Founder of WLC

Eva Birdie
Co-organizer, Czech native speaker


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