Going. | Standup Comedy in English // Johnny Armstrong - Szpitalna 1

Standup Comedy in English // Johnny Armstrong

20:00 | Niedziela, 24 lutego 2019
Szpitalna 1


10/15 zł

10/15 zł

Kraków Standup Comedy presents Johnny Armstrong!!

Johnny Armstrong is Berlin’s most successful ex-pat comedian. A veteran of the London comedy circuit, he has taken the German-speaking parts of Europe by storm with over twenty TV appearances and sold-out solo shows across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A quick-fire one-liner comedian from Blackpool – in England’s deep, dark North – he is known for his machine-gun delivery and unique brand of black humour: dense, marinated in absurdity, seasoned with wordplay and always delivered with a hefty portion of self-deprecation.

Many say that Johnny has internalised the Monty Pythons, but it looks more like he’s eaten them.

This weeks Headline Show will be hosted by Mark Wawrzyniak and features local supporting comic Krystian Tomczak and Alban Vogel!!

Venue: Szpitalna 1
Date & Time: Sunday 24th February at 20:00
Tickets: 15zl/10zl with Student ID

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