Going. | Izakaya Heartbeat - Klub Pod Minogą

Norwegian hypno-noise-rock outfit Izakaya Heartbeat are known for their extravagant and loud live shows saturated with infectious transcendental melodies. The band is touring Europe in September in support of their third full length album "Subterranean Sunset" (Handmade Records). Come join the blizzard at Pod Minoga Sep 23rd!

"They do a sort of driving early/mid 90s alt rock thing, mentioning Sonic Youth, MBV, Trumans Water, Unwound, Can, Mudhoney and 100 other bands you know as influences. Their guitar sound is definitely Thurston/Lee, but unlike SY, they have members who can headbang their impressively long locks when locating a locked noise-rock groove." - www.stereogum.com


Pobierz Going. i miej kalendarz miejski zawsze pod ręką.