Going. | Nasenbluten pres. Ida Engelhardt (Fast Forward Productions/ DK) - Szpitalna 1

Nasenbluten pres. Ida Engelhardt (Fast Forward Productions/ DK)

22:30 | Piątek, 16 sierpnia 2019

Szpitalna 1




Ida Engelhardt (Fast Forward Productions/ BunkerBauer/ DK)

Rrrkrta (Brutaż/ PL)

Pastwa (NIC/ PL)

TICKETS - 15 / 20 PLN

Ida Engelhardt
Hailing from Copenhagen, Ida Engelhardt has her roots in the fast techno scene in the city. She is part of Fast Forward Productions, a collective and agency from CPH that is known for bringing out a myriad of talented artists like Schacke, Sugar, Repro, DJ Ibon, only to name a few. She is also a member of BunkerBauer a collective and label that runs parties in The Bunker; a second world war air raid shelter.

Her impact on the scene has been swift and striking, and she has melded hard techno, hard trance, acidcore and hardcore into one of the fastest and most cathartic styles on the scene. Ida's sets are diabolical but enchanting nonetheless.

Rrrkrta (Brutaż/ PL)
Rrrkrta is not unknown to Szpitalna’s decks and locale. He runs Brutaż, a label and collective that has hosted a whopping 160 parties in the last few years. He’s previously played at Cxema, OHM, Unsound, Herrensauna, and Room 4 Resistance to name a few.

Pastwa (NIC/ PL)
Skilled, focused, with a good ear for the obscure, Pastwa has transformed from ‘Krakow’s newest talent’ to being a force to be reckoned with! Pastwa behind the decks emits an energy on the dancefloor that rages at breakneck speed.

Newly formed, but a long time coming, Nasenbluten are a collective who have been down in the depths of Krakow's local scene and back. The idea was born from an urgency to spruce up the city's perspective on electronic music, inspired by the Scandinavian fast techno scene with its meteoric tempo to just an affinity towards trance.

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