Going. | Mini-Szum N43 - Święta Krowa

Stallone the Reducer LIVE (EST ‘83 - NYC)

A Detroiter based in New York, is known for his industrial strength jackbeat drums and full throttle synth work, as heard on basement movers like Always Late, Drug Pusher and Private Property. His alma mater Est. '83 records is the sister label to Fit Sound, the Detroit institution operated by local area magnate Aaron Siegel. Stallone The Reducer will play live on the night.


Joshua Cordova (FIT Sound - Austin, TX)

Established in Texas as a promoter and DJ. Operating as a key member of Illusive, idiomatic music group Maramuresh. Also, a member of Future Blondes and VCK. Recently release on Detroit based label FIT Sound run by FIT Siegel and Myn’s Public System Recordings.



Nic Coolidge, aka JULIA, is a live hardware techno artist, originally from the US, now living in Prague, CZ. He honed his flair in DIY warehouse parties and after hour events. Improvisation is crucial to both JULIA's live shows and productions, presenting electronic music in it most pure, raw state.

lúa LIVE (Nawia)


Charlie (Szum)


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