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Smog. Are you sick of it? Do something about it. Join us at the last edition of STOP Smog.

Awareness was raised during vol.1, creativity and action was triggered during vol.2. Now it is time to put it all together. START Warsaw presents you the FINAL edition of the smog event series: STOP Smog vol.3

Participate in our Idea Pitch Battle and win prizes that will help your idea evolve into a viable business.

There will be:
▫️ presenting time of 5 minutes sharp
▫️ Q&A session time of 5 minutes
▫️ 6 slots for pitch contestants
If these rules are not met, the contestant will be disqualified out of the pitch battle

Each applicant must:
▫️ have an anti-smog idea
▫️ have a business plan
▫️ have a min. MVP stage, pre-revenue stage
▫️ be a part of at least a 2-member team
▫️ fill in the application form (link below )
▫️ send presentation slides at least 72 hours (3 days) before the event in PDF format - if not uploaded in the application form

The pitch battle will act as a platform for environmental entrepreneurs who want to pitch their anti-smog idea in hope to create into a business. They will be able to present themselves in front of an investor-filled, environmentally-friendly and highly international audience - and the jury board. You are all welcome to attend!

The jury will consist of 5 highly-experienced experts;
▫️ Entrepreneur: to judge the business feasibility
▫️ Environmentalist: to judge if it won't cause other climate damage
▫️ Investor: to judge if the idea is worth investing in
These individuals will have their identities covered until the day of the event.
▫️ Prize Sponsor
▫️ Smog specialist: to judge if it will actually stop the smog
You will be judged by these five fields. The more developed your idea is, the higher chances you have in winning.

The main prize will consist of services and programs that will help develop the idea into a business. The prizes will soon be revealed in our campaign.

IDEA PITCH BATTLE Application Form:
AUDIENCE Registration Link:

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