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Daybreaker LIVE // Spring Break House Party

16:00 | Sobota, 4 kwietnia 2020





Daybreaker to wyjątkowe poranne imprezy, które dadzą Wam energetycznego kopa. Elektroniczna muzyka spod znaku tech-house i szeroko rozumianej muzyki tanecznej pozwoli Wam wstać z nową energią!

[Impreza odbywa się od 11:00 czasu wschodniego, czyli u nas o 16:00]

Spring break’s cancelled? Beach, please.

On Saturday, April 4th, you’re invited to crank the temperature up for a staycation with a sea of dancing friends. ‘Cause for our second edition of Daybreaker LIVE, we’re gonna swim into our global LOVEstream and tropic like it’s hot.

So BYOPF (Bring Your Own Pool Floaties ), wear your hawtest bathing suit , warm up those beach bums and prepare for a full-throttle spring break getaway. We’re kicking things off with a sizzlin’ yoga flow, then switching gears to feel the motions of our oceans as we social dist-DANCE to a groovy mix of tropical island sounds.

This is our chance to bring love and hope to thousands of friends around the world. Not to mention…a good excuse to switch up our living room feng shui with some blissful beach vibes. We’re talking tiki torches, jellyfish parasols, mermaid tails and virgin Piña Coladas (but consider carefully whether to introduce sand). #QuaranBeached

P.S. Last time we met online (for our launch!), we got wild with 3,000 worldwide friends. Fam—who’s down to double that number this time around? Virtually invite 10 friends, and we’ll lock in your window on our dance cam.

Let’s make some waves, y’all.

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