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House of Maricas | Platforma dla queerowej społeczności

20:00 | Niedziela





Platforma służy udostępnianiu różnych treści i aktywności (koncerty, panele, wystawy, wywiady) społeczności queerowej.

From MARICAS we want to support our local and international community of artists, as well as create content for all our queer fam that is isolated in their homes. We know will get out of this together very soon. In the meantime, we have create this new digital platform called HOUSE OF MARICAS: the art of staying at home, where we will be doing live streamings, digital content, virtual exhibitions, challenges and interviews. Here we will be showcasing different queer / music / art content, created with a bunch of very talented artists / activists, for you to enjoy at home. The aim of this, apart of creating entertainment and learnings for our isolations, is to support local artists, that are losing their jobs due to this crisis. We created this platform to try to help our family of queer artists, that's why we kindly ask you, that if you enjoy our content and can afford it, to please make a donation to our paypal account. This donations will be divided entirely among all the artists involved.

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