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Angielski dżem impro

21:00 | Czwartek, 8 stycznia 2015

Klub Komediowy




Within the series of events addressed to the English speaking audience, we present IMPROV JAM. What is Improv? It is a theater without a script and a director. Everyone can do it: it boost self confidence, presentation skills, group cooperation and, above all, it?s a lot of fun!

In improv, one should be ready to create a scene about a postman, neurosurgeon or a birthday celebration of singing wafers from Mars. If you?re not a native speaker, there is no better language lesson than performing in English!
The rules are easy: everyone may take part in the scenes and perform on the stage or just watch the show as an audience member. On the stage everyone is obliged to speak English.

We will happily see both native and non-native English speakers. Come to see, perform and have fun!

Host: Marcin Kraszewski

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