Going. | Soviet Love / Mare Di Dirac - MÓZG Warszawa

Soviet Love / Mare Di Dirac

21:00 | Niedziela, 1 lutego 2015

MÓZG Warszawa


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10 zł

Soviet Love:
Annalisa Pascai Saiu : voice and objects
Michele Anelli : bass and effects
Emilio Bern? : drums

Soviet Love is a duo/trio of improvisation that born by the meeting of different and complementary worlds: the performative vocal and objects of Annalisa Pascai Saiu and the eclectic doublebass/electric bass player Michele Anelli that, together, receive the sonority of the drummer Emilio Bern? becoming a trio. Soviet Love propose a trip around several poetic worlds interpreted, destroyed, decomposed, taken to the extreme.

?In the beginning was the word, he said, and the word was the Sound?.

Mare Di Dirac:
Collaboration project consists by three italian experimental noise artists:
Lorenzo A. - minimal noise, analog electronics, sound objects (bones)
Luca D. - various electro-acoustic instruments
Daniele D. - marine trumpet & analog electronics
Mare di Dirac is a project founded in 2009 by two italians experimental sound artists;

Lorenzo Abattoir (aka Nascitari), member of various kinds of projects within the noise scene (Nascitari
/ Psicopompo / Wuornos Aileen) & Luca Poseitrone, sound experimenter who plays ethnic instruments. The concept is based on the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics applied to field recording. Electro - acoustic resonances of instruments and natural effects of a space are used as sound structure to compose the tracks.

After the first release in 2011 under Toxic Industries records (Italian label), the project went to Budapest to do some live performances, one of which was a sound installation in a cave (Esztergom) recording the stone's resonances.
In 2013 Mare di dirac released "Vespertilionem" under the French label Le crepuscule du soir. This release was based on experimentation with ultrasounds generated by bats' colonies in Staffarda Abbey near Saluzzo (Italy).

After "Vespertilionem" the duo decided to collaborate with new artists, in order to obtain a more complex sound structure. 2013 is also the year when Daniele D. joins the project; he plays the marine trumpet and does impro electronics.
In 2014 Mauro Sambo (free jazz / minimal electronic sound art ist from Venice) and Paolo Sanna (percussionist / waterphone player from Sardinia) also give their contribution to the new album "Tupilak".

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