Going. | Will Vinson Quartet - 12on14 Jazz Club

Will Vinson and his new album "Perfectly Out of Place" is out and it features some of the most unique modern voices in Jazz - For this tour Will Vinson will bring an amazing team and will defiantly bring the highest level of musicality to the tour.
The material from Will’s new CD and this tour is composed with these musicians in mind and will be developed with their care and individuality, it will will be reinvented night after night, drawing seamlessly from influences they all share, ranging from classical music to classic Jazz. The result is something uniquely of the moment, which the audience has a one-time-only opportunity to share.

Will Vinson – saksofonKevin Hays – fortepianMatt Brewer – kontrabasHenry Cole – perkusja
Środa, 6.09.2017, godz. 20:30

I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 90 PLN
II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 99 PLN


12on14 Jazz Clubul. Noakowskiego 16, 00-666 Warszawa (https://goo.gl/maps/nfL2hRGQNbU2) www.12on14club.com

Pobierz Going. i miej miejski kalendarz zawsze pod ręką.
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