Going. | Riverside Quartet feat. Carla Bley - 12on14 Jazz Club

Riverside Quartet feat. Carla Bley

19:00 | Sobota, 2 grudnia 2017
12on14 Jazz Club


225 zł

225 zł

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Press for Riverside, released on Greenleaf Music in April 2014:
“. . .a sturdily approachable new jazz quartet. . .this is a band that could easily keep going for a while without running out of options.” - Nate Chinen, New York Times
“Riverside injects some toe-tapping, feel-good soul and brotherly hoots and hollers into the music.” - Ken Micallef, DownBeat
“A great jazz disc predicated on one of the most heartening jazz revivals in many years.” - Jeff Simon, Buffalo News
“The deceptive simplicity of folk-based themes, rich harmonic counterpoint and subtle rhythmic interplay are the basic foundations of Giuffre’s aesthetic—aspects Riverside makes its own on this vibrant premiere.” - Troy Collins, All About Jazz
“. . .a great collection of compositions that is free in spirit and feeling.” - Paul Acquaro, Free Jazz Blog
“. . .this is a group that listens as hard as it plays, with splendid give and take and a vibe of shared endeavour gracing the music as a result.” – Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen
“[Steve] Swallow was a member of the Jimmy Giuffre 3, however, the quartet's style doesn’t just leave it at just that and forges ahead to navigate weavingly around neighbouring styles that fit like a glove, so there are hints of bluegrass, sacred hymns and Appalachian music thrown in.” - Stephen Graham, Marlbank

Carla Bley – fortepianDave Douglas – trąbkaChet Doxas – saksofonSteve Swallow – gitara basowaJim Doxas – perkusja
Sobota, 2.12.2017

Ze względu na ograniczoną pojemność Klubu odbędą się dwa pełne koncerty:
☛ I koncert – 19:00
☛ II koncert – 22:00

I pula (przedsprzedaż) – 250 PLN
II pula (w dniu koncertu) – 275 PLN


12on14 Jazz Clubul. Noakowskiego 16, 00-666 Warszawa (https://goo.gl/maps/nfL2hRGQNbU2) www.12on14club.com


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