Going. | Unseen: A Kazimierz Golfcart Metatour

Unseen: A Kazimierz Golfcart Metatour


At first glance, Krakow’s district of Kazimierz feels like a paradise of trendy bars, cute cafes and classy restaurants. But there’s also an obscured Jewish Kazimierz, full of magnificent and tragic history, as well as a present complicated by gentrification, mass tourism and questionable representations of Jewish culture. FestivALT, a local Jewish arts collective, takes you on a unique, critically-minded tour in a golf cart that will open the door to exploring the tensions, nuances, and cultural confusion of contemporary Kazimierz.

Firstly, pick one of four dates, available below. In the next step, choose between one of the tour's eight starting hours.

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