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BBL CLB x Hospital Records; Metrik, Nu:Tone, Grafix & Lens - Immersive Theatre x Illegal Rave

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BBL CLB x Hospital Records; Metrik, Nu:Tone, Grafix & Lens - Immersive Theatre x Illegal Rave

Piątek, 12 lutego 2021


od £15
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Jedna z najbardziej prominentnych wytwórni skupiającej się na muzyce drum'n'bass prezentuje stream na którym zagrają najznamienitsi reprezentanci tego brzmienia. Będzie szybko, przygotujcie się!

Metrik, Nu:Tone, Grafix & Lens

BBL CLB is an interactive online experience, played in groups remotely on video calls. Your mission is to find the BBL CLB by following a group of 4 friends who are desperate to find the rave. You control the storylines and after every scene you are faced with a ‘choose your own adventure' style decision. Your choice of direction will either help or hinder your mission as you encounter some ‘interesting' characters and situations. Once you manage to get past security and onto the legendary warehouse venue you'll find Metrik, Nu:Tone, Grafix & Lens playing live and exclusive sets, from the BBL CLB DJ booth.

Nightlife has been decimated by the pandemic. Dancefloors across the country remain closed with no end in sight and the parties have been forced underground.

The epicentre of the illegal rave scene is the acclaimed BBL CLB which lives in a world of urban myth and mystery to protect its very existence. Only the most in-the-know make it to the legendary venue where the hottest resident DJs keep the scene alive, and under wraps. Once the bubble pops, it will disappear forever.

At a young age Metrik found himself pulled into D&B's magnetism, drawn in by its clinical precision and emotive compositions. Metrik's distinctive sound and meteoric rise has every name in dance music lining up for a Metrik remix.

Nu:Tone is a name that automatically populates in a seasoned drum & bass brain upon hearing the words Hospital Records.

Josh Jackson, or Grafix, has been at the forefront of the genre for over a decade with a trio of collaborative albums under his belt. Widely respected for his clinical mixdowns and impeccable production skills, his sound is darker and etherael.

Bursting onto the scene during 2018, Lens joins the ever-growing crew of women taking D&B by storm. As well as appearing at label events for Critical & Spearhead, Lens has also taken command of the Hospital Records long-running Rinse FM show.




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